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Reed is a major American concrete pump manufacturer that started in 1957 when its founder invented a gunite and shotcete machine. In the 1980's, Reed began offering trailer-mounted and truck-mounted line pumps and beginning in the 1990's, Reed introduced truck-mounted concrete boom pumps. Reed pumps are sold world-wide through a network of domestic and international dealers and distributors.

Reed is a leading manufacturer of pumps for "wet-process" shotcrete and concrete, offering a comprehensive line of S-Valve / Rock-Valve models. The A-Series models offer performance and economy with capacities of up to 40 cubic yards and hour. The B-Series pumps offer high-performance and reliability with capacities of up to 70 cubic yards per hour and concrete pressures to 2,113 psi. Reed's exclusive "adjustable shifting-force valve" allows an increase in force for harsh-mixes and decrease in force during clean-out. Reed's C-Series pumps offer ultra-high performance with concrete pressures up to 2,000 psi and as much as 220HP.

Reed is considered by many to be the premier manufacturer of high-quality "dry-process" gunite pumps, offering two different models to handle any application. The LOVA model is used primarily for higher volume dry-mix gunite applications such as swimming pools, retaining walls and soil retention and mine and tunnel construction. The SOVA model is used mostly for lower volume dry-mix shotcrete applications such as repairing concrete, creating artificial caves and rocks and low-volume refractory spraying.