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How To Buy Concrete Pumps

On a typical concrete pour, it is highly essential to place the concrete as close as possible to its final destination. In a bid to boost productivity and at the same time, save hauling time, you will surely need to buy concrete pumps. In the first place, there is need to have a trained operator on your crew.

As a matter of fact, it’s good to buy concrete pumps especially if you plan to use them frequently. There are different types of concrete pumps available in today’s construction equipment marketplace. You can find suitable concrete pumps for almost any application ranging from pressure shortcreting and grouting to placing structural concrete and cement-based overlays.

How can the pump handle your concrete mix?

You will need to buy concrete pumps that are built to handle your concrete mix particularly if you are planning to use your very own mix designs (gold-standard). But if you rely on no-fail concrete mixes, as a decorative concrete contractor for most of your projects then any pump will simply do.

While some pumps can easily accommodate a variety of mixes, other pumps aren’t multipurpose machines, as they are only designed for certain mix types. Basically, the type of material that can be churned out will be governed by the maximum aggregate size that can be accepted.

For instance, while other lines of concrete pumps are engineered to handle higher-slump concretes that contain larger coarse aggregate, most pea-rock pumps can only handle cement-based mixture that contain a half-inch top aggregate size, such as self-leveling overlays, shotcrete, and repair grouts. When it comes to placing structural elements, such as concrete slabs, it is best to best to buy concrete pumps that can handle ¾- to 1½-inch rock.

How far is the output rate?

Before purchasing a concrete pump, it is always advisable to take a look at the maximum vertical and horizontal pumping distances, as provided by pump’s manufacturer spec sheets for the output rate which is usually presented in cubic yards per hour. Some models are capable of delivering concrete as far as 400 feet vertically and 1,500 feet horizontally at rates toppings of 125 cubic yards/hour.

Remember to buy pumps that you can feasibly handle and don’t waste money buying pumps that are more than the needed capacity. When it comes to placing narrow overlays that are cement-based, there is usually no need of purchasing high-capacity pumps.

How fast is the output rate?

Consider using a pump with a suitable output for the tempo of the job. It is preferable to buy a pump with an adjustable pump output particularly one with variable volume control that allows you to adjust the output. This is especially critical for a decorative work.

But when it comes to decorative stamped concrete jobs, there is often a limited space of opportunity to finish and stamp the concrete after hitting the ground. So, in order to keep up with the pace, it is best to have enough workers on ground during the placement so as to be able to benefit from a concrete pump with rapid rates of delivery.


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